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Thank you for being here.

I love that we share an interest in harnessing the power of the human emotional system to live multidimensionally and create vibrationally.

Through the practice of Crystalline Emotion®, the super powers of your sensitivity, empath nature and intuitive gifts pay big dividends in the currency of delight, ease, abundance and fulfillment. 

Take a look around and feel into what's aligned for you.

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If you're new in my world and new to Crystalline Emotion®... Welcome!  This is a great place to start to get a sense of what Multdimensional, New Paradigm Emotion is all about. 

Emotional Prosperity Fall 2023

Learn a clear, simple and personalized way to navigate emotion so that you can see how the emotions you experience are the pathways toward being the loving + prosperous parent, partner, lightworker you are instead of emotion pulling you into a vortex of exhausting healing loops.

The Exception

The Exception is the relationship program for a person who is looking to HAVE HIGH VALUE RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCES. 

EQ Accelerator

This is a 60 minute call followed by 5 days of Voxer to integrate what we talked about into the fabric of your life, see how it plays and make adjustments so you can move forward on your expansion path. 

Crystalline Emotion® Singles Collection

The entire collection of Crystalline Emotions, available to be purchased separately for $22 each.

Crystalline Emotion® Collection

A library of 50 Crystalline Emotions® and powerful guidance for how to rewire your emotional system + practice working with this biotechnology in your day to day life. The world of multidimensional emotion is waiting for you. 

Fully Met Self Paced Program

This is a series of 4 trainings that focus on important aspects of create the blueprint for fully meeting yourself and being fully met by life. These aspects are high level communication, seeing the higher dimensional view of triggers (activations), creating an energetic structure for being fully met and working with 5D emotions you encounter along the way.

Magic in the Mundane

Moments of impatience, irritation and guilt are not throw away or better avoided moments.  They hold the potential for a big shift in your quality of life.  Not only internally, but in your relationships + manifestations. This constellation of emotions comes up so often and there's a reason!  This is a great entry point to experience Crystalline Emotion® at an accessible price point. Ready to play with shifting these emotions? 

Sovereignty: Expand Your Personal Power through Emotion Intelligence

Personal power is the most precious resource you have.  It's what dictates how you move in the world, what you create and how you experience life.  Inside this course, you inextricably connect personal power and emotion to create a platform for expanding your personal power through higher dimensional emotional intelligence.

Next Level Sovereignty

Now that you have a foundation of exactly how Personal Power and Emotional Intelligence are connected, dive into this advanced training on Personal Power that resonates in the frequency of the New Paradigm. Inside where we take a close look at very real human experiences that get in the way of being in your Personal Power and so you can expand through them. The quantum leaps occur in the tiny details, this is the space we work inside this course.

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